5 expert tips to give a great presentation

Do you have to give a presentation at your university or work and are you scared to death? Well, it’s time to tell you the truth: we’re all afraid to give presentations. It’s a reality, it’s like that. We can not help you with what you are going to say, but we can help you by leaving you with these tips to create interesting and easy to understand slides that make your presentation a success.

  1. Create an attractive presentation

It seems quite obvious advice, but the reality is that an attractive presentation is a memorable presentation. Are you not an expert in design? Do not worry, on the internet you will find programs with customizable presentation templates, use them!

  1. Concentrate on one idea at a time

Do not let your audience get lost in a sea of information. Choose a theme for each slide and write, at most, 6 words in each.

  1. Follow the 10-20-30 rule

Limit your presentation to 10 slides, no more than 20 minutes of explanation and font size 30 or more. 10-20-30: So you can not go wrong.

  1. Tell a story

Stories are a great resource. Like every good story, a presentation has to have a beginning, a knot and an ending. Show your audience what the problem is, explain why it is important and, for the grand finale, propose solutions.

  1. Interact with your audience

Your audience does not want to see a reading test, wants to hear what you have to say. Do not waste time reading the slides aloud, concentrate on connecting with your audience: ask questions, openly dialogue and make the public participate. We assure you that this will be a presentation that you will remember forever.

Oh! And one last tip that never fails: look for smiling faces in the audience and speak directly with those people. That will help you relax and find the confidence to give a great presentation.