A recent academic year brought its own assortment of fresh challenges. Students had to contend with uncertain finances, tight deadlines, and time constraints. Nevertheless, they were encouraged to create a strong academic record that could prove their suitability for a future job. Students were encouraged to hone their analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they were encouraged to excel in team-based activities.

In this paper, we seek to examine one kind of problem-solving strategy used by students in school. To do this, we survey the professional life of an online job application platform and its broader effects on the institution. Furthermore, we focus on two recent cases in which a job applicant uses this strategy. First, we provide background on a legal opening in a law firm and discuss the aspects that contributed to the selection of a specific candidate. Then, we describe an academic problem-solving platform that tasked a former student with composing a persuasive personal statement for the firm. Why Do Students Procrastinate? Students often find themselves in an especially precarious situation compared to most students. For starters, they have the option to work with tight deadlines. This pushes them to continue preparing for their exams and classes, which can even result in burnout. Furthermore, they have a host of activities and extracurricular activities to keep up with. As such, they face challenges understanding that this activity is usually a requisite prerequisite to graduation. At this point, it is likely that students may not be sure about the few things about their future in school that they intend to focus on. Furthermore, an individual might be tempted to postpone schooling because they believe that they have enough time off to experiment or have a couple of nights off. Nevertheless, students should realize that to attain the satisfaction of later graduation, they must at some point take the time to grasp what they will study in school and work on their final year of study. Role of the Job Application Platform It is paramount to recognize that an individual seeking a job requires a unique approach. In that case, they must be creative in solving the problem of boosting their productivity. The tools and channels that students would use to sharpen their writing skills are already available online. Thus, a job applicant has the unique opportunity of learning how to apply the skills taught at a specific stage of their career. For instance, a current job applicant can simply visit a job board and post their resume. They are then directed to write the resume for the firm. The students are required to use grammar and style that the firm assigns. Hence, from this point forward, they will build a great case for the current firm. In summary, the students understood that they were taking a substantial risk for the right opportunity. After all, they needed to create a strong argument and generate significant attention. This situation will undoubtedly influence their school work; consequently, it is vital to learn effective use of the techniques available. This article will help sharpen students’ writing skills that will pave the way to better jobs.

Written by Mya Jarvis

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