• The literary essay

    By / May 11, 2019

    The essay emerges as a writing that has the purpose of transmitting ideas, however, given the formal freedom and malleability that characterize it, in modern times writers found in it also a way to exploit their creativity, with which soon it was incorporated, along with the theater, the narrative and the poetry, to the list… Read more

  • Steps to write an essay, from the bank of ideas to the correction

    By / May 2, 2019

    An essay is, above all, an exhibition of ideas. Therefore, the argument is consubstantial to this genre. It is not about exposing, arguing and concluding indisputable scientific or philosophical truths. The essay, as the word says, is a test and an experiment. The essay puts its own thesis, its own paths and its own conclusions…. Read more

  • 5 expert tips to give a great presentation

    By / April 10, 2019

    Do you have to give a presentation at your university or work and are you scared to death? Well, it’s time to tell you the truth: we’re all afraid to give presentations. It’s a reality, it’s like that. We can not help you with what you are going to say, but we can help you… Read more